BBMG, NFLG Complete Equipment Application with Sand Making + Dry Mortar Mixing Integrated Solution

Application Field Sand Making / Dry Mixing Integrated Solution
Equipment Model NFS150+FBJ6000/ NFS150+FBT6500
Time-to-market 2015
Case Area Beijing, Chengde
Highlights of the Equipment Sand Making+ Dry Mixing Package,Environmental Protection, Energy-saving, Automatic Production and Intelligent Production Management

Client Introduction

BBMG Group Co., Ltd. (Stock Code 601992, 02009-HK) is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise group gathering cement, commercial concrete, new-type building materials manufacturing, real estate development and modern service industry. It has always been among China’s Top 500 Companies and Top 100 global building materials enterprises over the years.

“BBMG Mortar” is a scale high-technology industry formed by utilizing the scientific and technological achievements of Beijing Building Materials Academy of Science Research (BBMA) in the professional field of pre-mixed mortar during past 30 years. It has become the leading enterprise of the pre-mixed mortar industry and the technological support organization of the national pre-mixed mortar industry as well as one of the most advanced dry-mixed mortar production lines in the world at present. It possesses 9 classes and nearly hundred kinds of mortar products with the product types, scale, output and sales ranked as the national forefront, has been successively identified as the scientific and technological achievement promotion project of the Ministry of Construction, recommend products of the comfortable housing project, national user satisfactory product, designated products for government procurement, obtained certification of environmental protection enterprise, cleaning production enterprise and has been widely applied in the Olympic projects such as the Bird’S Nest and the Water Cube, and the national major projects such as the National Center for Performing Arts and new address of CCTV.

BBMG Group Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of new building materials featured by green, environmental protection and energy saving in China. BBMG Mortar is one of the domestic enterprises first engaging in the mass production and promotion of dry-mixed mortar. Under the macro background of “transferring the mode, adjusting the structure and promoting the upgrade”, it has quickened the industrial layout since 2012, newly increased Tianjin Jinghai Production Base, constructed three mortar production lines in Pinggu, Chengde and Handan and completed efficient, energy-saving, environmental and full-automatic green mortar production demonstration base by adopting the advanced mortar production technology and environmental protection technology. The manufacturer of the complete technological equipment behind it is NFLG.

Pinggu Production Line of BBMG Mortar Co., Ltd.

Chengde Production Line of BBMG Mortar Co., Ltd


  1. Normal masonry mortar, thin-layer masonry mortar, aerated concrete masonry mortar,
  2. Normal plastering mortar, anti-crack plastering mortar, thin-layer plastering mortar, plastering gypsum, special plastering mortar for aerated concrete, normal floor mortar
  3. Composite light mortar (light aggregate concrete), mortar for the external thermal insulation system of external wall
  4. Mortar for bonding ceramic tile, vitrified tiles, stone, dry floor tiles and cement-based block, and colorized jointing mortar
  5. Self-leveling mortar


BBMG: NFLG Complete sets of NFS100+FBJ6000 sand making+ Dry mortar mixing plant

Chengde BBMG: NFLG Complete sets of NFS100+2FBT6500 sand making + Dry mortar mixing plant

Handan BBMG: NFLG 2FBT6500 Dry-mixed Mortar Mixing Equipment

Tianjin BBMG Baohui: NFLG complete sets of FBJ2000+FBT4500 dry mortar mixing plant

Equipment Description

BBMG Mortar now has five production bases and seven production lines, of which the five production lines newly purchased adopt the NFLG complete equipment. In 2013, BBMG Mortar planned and built production lines in Pinggu, Chengde and Handan with high standards and finally selected the NFLG on selection of equipment through many times of strict investigation, demonstration and filtration.

Perfect Sand Making + Dry Mortar Mixing Combination

Mortar contains nearly 80% sand. The aggregate quality determines the property of the dry-mixed mortar. Generally, the dry-mixed mortar is mainly produced by using the natural river sand which has smooth surface and almost is spherical. The river sand is the ideal aggregate for producing the dry-mixed mortar; however, it also has defects. The river sand must be dried for use. Drying such sand will consume energy, increase cost, and greatly impact the environment. Meanwhile, it is explicitly prohibited to extract river sand in many regions due to increasing shortage of source of the river sand. Adopting the machine-made sand to produce the dry-mixed mortar just can resolve these problems and guarantee the grain shape, grading and fineness modulus of the sand. Therefore, BBMG Mortar adopts the NFLG dry sand making equipment + dry mortar mixing plant for production lines in Pinggu, Chengde and Handan to absorb the industrial waste in quantity and promote the sustainable development of the dry-mixed mortar business with the more scientific and reasonable production technology process.

Sand Making Crusher

Multi-motor Vibrating Screen

BBMG Mortar’s production line in Pinggu using the machine-made sand is an innovation and a bold attempt for BBMG. As a result, at the beginning of designing the whole production line, with the years of application experiences in the tailing sand and barren rock, BBMG finally decided to use the machine-made sand as the raw materials completely in Pinggu. The raw materials (for making sand) are mainly tailings of the existing mines in Beijing City, and used for producing mortar.

The technological process of the NFLG sand making system has some unique features. In the past, the sand (machine-made sand) were more thicker or more thinner, for example, there are much sand above 1.18 mm or below 0.6mm and less sand between 0.6mm and 1.18mm. At present, BBMG uses the new NFLG sand-making technology and sand making machine, achieving good grading with 0.6-1.18mm of sand up to 20%.

Sand Making Crusher

Multi-motor Vibrating Screen

From the actual production status of Pinggu production line of BBMP Mortar which has been constructed and put into operation, the machine-made sand produced by the NFLG sand making equipment has mellow and full grain shape, continuous and stable graduation and can meet all indicators for the dry-mixed mortar production. The production line system is tower-type structure and equipped with self-cleaning system, realizing the dust-free production. The whole production line is carbon free without nitrogen oxide emission and realizes the target of clean production.

The aggregate cost is significant to the mortar competitiveness and adoption of machine-made sand can save RMB 30 each ton than the natural sand on cost. 70%-80% of the raw material sand is required to produce a ton of normal dry-mixed mortar. Taking the mortar production line with annual output of 400 thousand tons as example, RMB 9 million can be saved per year (40×0.75=300 thousand tons; 300 thousand tons ×RMB 30 = RMB 9 million).

Demonstration Production Line with Comprehensive Utilization of Resources

The overall planning and design of Pinggu and Chengde mortar production lines mainly focus on the comprehensive utilization of resources. The limestone tailings are used as the raw materials for sand making for sand production line. On the one hand tailings resource of the mine is fully used, and on the other hand the source problem of the sand materials is resolved.

The accumulative burden of the tailings in Chengde region is more than 2 billion tons which is too abundant to cause high pressure on the land, environment and resource safety. These tailings seem to be useless, but unexpectedly they are good raw materials for producing the special mortar. The mortar production line in Chengde uses and recycles the local plenty of the scrap iron and tailing sand resources and treated them as raw materials for producing the special mortar to turn the “waste” into wealth and realize the comprehensive utilization of the tailings.

The production line in Chengde uses the NFLG tailings sand processing line + sand making equipment + 2FBT6500 dry mortar mixing plant with designed annual output of 300 thousand tons of normal dry-mixed mortar and 100 thousand tons of special mortar, and one tower and double-line structure. It can be operated independently. At present, it has been constructed and started for pilot production.

The Handan production line under construction will also adopt the sand making +dry mixing production technology which has been successfully applied in Pinggu and Chengde production lines.

Environmental and Full Automatic Mortar Production Line

The mortar production line in Pinggu uses the NFLG sand making equipment +FBJ6000 dry-mixed mortar mixing equipment with the mixing equipment volume of 6 m3, hourly output of 100 tons, designed annual output of 400 thousand tons of normal dry-mixed mortar. Since its completion and operation from August 2014, the equipment has been in stable operation up to now. In January 2015, Pinggu mortar production line of BBMG Mortar Co., Ltd. was awarded with “National Pre-mixed Mortar Environmental Circular Economy Demonstration Line”.

In the production process of the dry-mixed mortar, the processes of lifting, delivering, mixing and packing materials may produce dust. In order to reach the high environmental requirement that the dust emission concentration is less than 20 mg/Nm3, NFLG uses the advanced environment design concept on the process design to make comprehensive optimization of the equipment structure and provide more than 20 dust catchers for the whole production lines special for the possible overflowed dust and main dust points.

Aiming at the unorganized dust emission produced during operation, NFLG specially designs the central cleaning system which has the work efficiency of 5 times higher than manual cleaning. This system can avoid secondary dust rising during hand sweeping and strictly control noise from dust collection. The 36 dust collection ports arranged in the main building realizes that the cleaners can sweep each corner in the main building at any time by using the plug and play system.

Through a series of dust collection measures, the dust collected by the dust collector is sent back to the system through the recovery unit which is beneficial to materials saving and environmental pollution. The noise reduction and shock absorption treatment is taken for the main noise sources, such as draught fan and air compressor, to make the factory bound noise not exceed 55Db thus reaching the result of noise reduction.

The intelligent control technologies run through the production lines in Pinggu and Chengde. The whole production line from the machine-made sand production to the dry-mixed mortar production, through the intelligent electrical control system, is controlled by the central control room. The intelligent control is conducted over the whole production. After the mortar product is packaged into bags, automatic robot palletizing system is automatically configured to complete automatic shaping – weight inspection – screening – flattening – code spurting- palletizing, reduce labor cost, and realize automatic and intelligent production management.

Automatic Packing Machine

Automatic Robot Palletizing System

The successful application of the NFLG sand making + dry mortar production technical equipment in the BBMG Mortar’s projects in Pinggu and Chengde have started the brand new model of environment mortar production and played benchmarking and demonstration roles on the design standard of the mortar production line and construction of production line, promoted industry upgrade with the innovation and promotion of the process equipment technology and brought a new opportunity for the sustainable development of China's mortar industry.

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