Mapei - Special Mortar Production Line Application of NFLG FBC 2000

Application Field Special Mortar
Equipment Model FBC2000 workshop
Time-to-market 2015
Case Area Guangzhou-Guangdong
Highlights of the Equipment Sound equipment performance, good stability, high efficiency, low power consumption, energy saving and environment protection.

Client Introduction

Mapei Group is established in Milan, 1937. It is the leading producer of adhesives and supporting products for all kinds of floor boards and walls installation. It is the largest manufacturer with the fullest range of building bonding adhesives, sealants and chemical products and the expert in producing mortar in concrete and cement mixture in the world. So far, through the period of near a century, Mapei has developed to have 71 subsidiaries and 66 plants in 31 countries of 5 continents, with over 1400 building product types. Over 55,000 clients around the world are served with over 20,000 tons of products. Mapei has participated in highly challenging projects in the world, such as Beijing's Olympic stadium “Bird’s Nest”, Burj Dubai and the Louvre.

Mapei’s commitment on environment protection is extended to our products and technologies, from waste reduction to using of recycled material at maximum. In addition, our focus of research and development is to develop ecologic and sustainable production lines. Mapei has been devoting itself to environment protection. Over 150 Mapei products are “green and creative” and the best options for environment-friendly products in the industry.


Tile and natural stone installation materials, cement-based and resin-based terrace coating materials, building and construction products, sound insulation products, concrete and mortar additives, structural reinforcement and strengthening materials, masonry structure repairing materials, insulation products, wall space protecting and finishing materials, underground construction structural materials, waterproofing construction products, elastic sealants and adhesives and cement additives.


NFLG FBC2000 workshop special mortar production line

Equipment Description

Mapei entered China in 2005. Its main products are special mortars for terrace coating, tile adhesive and building. In 2014, the first special mortar production line solely created by Mapei adopted NFLG dry mortar mixing plant FBC200 and was put into operation in 2015.

As the famous international building material products manufacturer, Mapei is prudent in production equipment selection. The equipment should have accurate, consistent, stable, efficient capability and have minor effect to employees’ health, as required by Mapei. That means high requirements on dust and noise control of equipment. Therefore, in selecting and purchasing production equipment, Mapei conducted investigation on all kinds of special mortar equipment manufacturers for nearly one year for overall performance, environment protection standard and service ability, especially the experience of cooperating with famous international manufacturers. Mapei chose NFLG eventually.

As a professional mixing equipment manufacturer, NFLG is the first one to engage in dry-mixed mortar production equipment. With 15 years of experience, NFLG has won recognitions from many domestic and foreign dry-mixed mortar manufacturers, especially from famous international mortar magnates. Most production equipment in China is from NFLG.

Special Mortar, Jewel of Dry-mixed Mortar

Special mortar is known as the jewel of dry-mixed mortar for its over 1,000 kinds of raw materials with different features and, therefore, has higher requirements on mortar mixing equipment.

  1. High requirements on formula and proportion, high price of additive, deviation of measuring accuracy within 0.5%;
  2. Vulnerable particles, special requirements on load material transport and packaging;
  3. Different formula and raw materials, requiring changeable technical parameters of mixer;
  4. Consideration of environmental protection technology, requiring prudence on dust removal.

According to stringent requirements on mortar production processes, NFLG overcomes difficulties in mortar production with two decades of experience on mixing equipment production and the most mature technology thereof in the world and prepares reasonable equipment processes aiming at features of special mortar production, becoming the ideal option of special mortar manufacturer.

  1. The accurate and stable weighing system of NFLG can perfectly control measuring accuracy within 1%, achieving the level of food and drug.
  2. For light materials in the raw materials of special mortar, NFLG dry mortar mixing plant chooses vacuum dust remove structure, adopts vibrator to help flow, guarantees smoothly discharging, and significantly reduces residual rate of material in weighing scale body.
  3. The mixing performance of the mixer has two factors of uniformity and dispersity. NFLG mixing machine is extensively applicable, that is to say, it may mix materials with different proportions and reach the top indicators in terms of mean square error. Meanwhile, the machine uses frequency converting control, which can provide different speeds for different formulas. The patented furrow plow mixer equipped with high-speed fly-cutter can satisfy the fast dispersing of additives and has high uniformity of mixing. It uses wide-angle discharging + high-pressure blowing and cleaning device, making residual rate of the machine of 0.3% only.
  4. The packing machine is the air-sweeping type feeding packing machine that packs and binds after material transport and weighting. It can be applied to the package of coarse materials and it is highly adaptive in packing mortar products with high fiber content and high sand content. The packing process is the main dust producing point in special mortar production line, therefore, packing system should have dust removal design and packing machine should be equipped with dust catcher for dust removing in small scale, or incorporated in the dust removal system of production line for dust collection.
  5. The packaging bags for special mortar have various kinds (20-50KG). NFLG packing machine can meet different packing requirements by means of setting adjustment panel. In addition, bag holding device and recoil mechanism can reduce spraying in bag dropping, which is convenient for finished products to fall into bags and reduce bag breaking. Automatic bag catching device uses mechanical arm to automatically catch packaging bag, as placed, for automatic packing. Highly intelligent automation can effectively increase production efficiency. Automatic palletizing system will automatically arrange, mark and stack finished mortar bags, which significantly reduces labor cost, improve capacity and reduces dust in stacking.
  6. In the workshop production of special mortar, dust and noise has significant effects on work environment. NFLG equipment has muffler and efficient pulse dust catcher that put an end to the effect of special additives to human body and ensure the purity of additives. The effect of dust removal reaches national environment protection standard.

Due to its stringent requirements on quality and environment protection of products, Mapei has successfully passed the certification of Chinese environmental label product which is the top-level product certification initiated by 11 representatives from Ministry of Environment Protection and General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and environmental certification center consisting of famous experts and the green and environment-friendly certification with the highest standard of environment domestically. It represents that our products are compliant not only in quality, but also in production and treatment.

Chinese Environment Protection Label

Mapei Water Proofing Paint(Certificate of Chinese Environment Label Product)

Mapei Cement-Based Tile Adhesive(Certificate of Chinese Environment Label Product)

Mapei polymer concrete mortar(Certificate of Chinese Environment Label Product)

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