Guangdong Jiangmen Hengli Stone - Application of NFLG NAS Powder Selecting Machine + V7 Dry-type Sand Making Equipment

Application Field Sand Making / Dry Mixing Total Solution
Equipment Model NAS-F16+V7-100
Time-to-market 2014
Case Area Guangdong Jiangmen
Highlights of the Equipment Produce powder selecting machine and V7 sand making equipment for clients in light of high tailing powder content on quarry

Client Introduction

Guangdong Jiangmen Hengli Stone Co., Ltd., is engaged in manufacturing aggregate for building, with daily output of 30,000t, and located at the lower reaches of Xijiang River, bordered by South China Sea to the south, and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, boasting convenient land and water transport and natural advantages. 60% of aggregate it manufactures has been sold to Hong Kong, accounting for one fourth of Hong Kong’s aggregate market share.

During the stone quarrying, Hengli Stone Quarry has conducted a series of crushing process such as cone crushing, jaw crushing and impact crushing, and left 0-6mm tailings which account for 35% of the gross output, and massive tailings have been sold out at a low price as the base course of road construction for a long time. Chen Zengyu, the general manager of Hengli Company’s sand making department, who has been operating and managing the stone quarry for over 30 years, knows well that the tailings value is far more than that. To enrich the product types, Hengli Company has given careful consideration and made a deliberate decision to further tap hidden value of these tailings. After making investigation through multi-channels, he has found out that these 0-6mm tailings are just the great raw materials for manufacturing machine-made sand.

Hengli procured NFLG NAS-F16 powder selecting machine + V7-100 Dry-type sand making equipment in 2014 which were officially put into operation in 2015 to manufacture high-quality machine-made sand.


NFLG NAS-F16 Powder Selecting Machine + V7-100 Dry-type Sand Making Equipment

Equipment Description

NFLG NAS Power Selecting Equipment Solves Difficulty in Aggregate Containing Powder

Hengli Stone Quarry’s tailings are stone powder processed by crusher, with high silt content and over 15% powder content; under such circumstances, if the tailings directly enter to the crusher of sand making machine without powder selection, the effect will be greatly reduced, and sand making efficiency will be lowered down to less than 70%, which is not cost-effective. Based on high powder content in tailings of Hengli Stone Quarry, NFLG has offered a solution of Powder Processing Equipment + V7 Dry-type Sand Making Equipment, which can specifically solve problem in high powder content in tailings, guarantee the sand making efficiency and quality of machine-made sand, and reduce the production cost for clients.

NAS-F16 Powder Selecting Machine

Tailing Raw Materials on Hengli Quarry before Powder Selection

Tailing Raw Materials after Powder Selection

Stone Powder Separated by Powder Selecting Machine

NFLG NAS-F16 powder selecting machine is used to process the excessive stone powder contained in raw materials at the front end of sand making machine, and remove 7~10% fine powder of 150μm and below, by adjusting the equipment grading point and frequency conversion of crusher, in light of different properties of raw materials and grading proportion required by clients. Several built-in grading points are adjustable, that is, the powder specification and proportion could be adjusted by grading. The complete machine conducts grading by air and processes powder by internal air circulation in the crusher, without external draught fan to make noise. In addition, the whole powder selection process is in a negative pressure state, and is equipped with dust catcher to prevent the dust spillover, which is environmental-friendly. After disposed by the powder selecting machine, the tailings become cleaner, and the moisture content is somewhat lowered down, which will increase the sand making efficiency.

Manufacture the top machine-made sand by V7 dry-type sand making technology

Aggregates on Hengli Stone Quarry are sold in large quantities to Hong Kong, which has imposed high requirements on quality of machine-made sand; Hong Kong has strict requirements on aggregate access, and several temporary spot checks and inspections on an irregular basis to aggregates which are transported to Hong Kong should be conducted, and each utilization of aggregate will have the corresponding serial number. Sources of aggregates for building must be stationary, and it is forbidden to use anonymous temporary aggregates; the stone quarries which provide aggregates shall be filed on record in a long term, so as to ensure the supply source and quality problem to be traceable. As such, Hengli Company has paid great attention to the product quality.

V7 has realized the automatic adjustment of machine-made sand fineness modulus and automatic control of stone powder content, continuous grading, and quite stable fineness modulus. NFLG V7 dry-type sand making equipment better than other sand making machine and producing such high-quality machine-made sand is benefited from NFLG four unique core technologies: US7 crusher, air screener, highly-integrated intelligent electronic control system and environmental protection technology.

US7 Crusher

Based on vertical shaft impact crusher, US7 crusher has unique design of high-density grinding area composed of throwing hammer and T-type ring washer, promoting the production of 0.15-0.6mm fine aggregates, guaranteeing the stable grading of finished products, and improving the crushing efficiency and effect of particle shape. On the basis of vibratory screening, the air screener combining with the air separation technology greatly improves the screening efficiency and realizes the integration of particle size adjustment, grading and screening. The highly-integrated intelligent electrical control system could automatically adjust operation, so as to maintain stability of the finished sand.

Air Screener

Dry-type Sand Making Control System

An interventional air screener of vibrating feeder is set right under the US7 vertical shaft impact crusher, and adopts a closed system. The internal air screener is in a negative pressure state to make working sequence integrated from crushing to grading, freely controlling the proportion of particles with 0.15mm below in finished sand within the range between 6% and 15%, and preventing the dust generation.

V7 Dry-type sand making equipment adopts artificial dry sand making technology, which seldom uses water during the manufacturing process; as compared with the artificial wet sand making technology, it is more environmental, and could reduce sewage disposal during the manufacturing process, consume lower operation cost, and avoid fine sand loss and uncompleted grading due to washing and secondary water pollution caused by the artificial wet sand making technology.

Machine-made sand is the future selection

In Guangdong area, in particular Jiangmen, the sand sources consist of sea sand, river sand and machine-made sand which are coexistent with fierce competition. There has been much controversy in desalting sea sand for use; in regardless of some regulatory measures, there still have been many potential safety hazards as the market is not standardized and the desalting degree cannot be completely controlled and effectively inspected. In most cases, users used such sea sand for cheaper price. It is not a long-term strategy to use sea sand.

While insanely mining river sand will bring great harms, for instance, it will cause the natural ecological environment to deteriorate day by day, induce irrational extraction of riverbed resources, lead to water loss and soil erosion of coastal dyke, and give rise to a series of hidden hazards for flood control. To maintain the stable river embankment, protect the water environment, and guarantee the safety of flood control and water supply, Jiangmen prohibited sand excavation by official order, and severely cracked down illegal mining of river sand. The age of unlimited sea sand excavation has come to an end, the river sand resource, as a non-renewable resource, has been restricted in use before exhausting, and the machine-made sand will become an ideal resource to replace river sand.

Hengli Company firmly believed in that the high-quality machine-made sand is the wave of future; before the market becomes prosperous, Hengli Company has planned ahead and made early preparation to seize the market. At present, the machine-made sand market of Guangdong area still has much space to explore, and as such, the market is full of opportunities.

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