Huaihua Mingda Construction Material Co., Ltd. - Application of NFLG V7-100 Dry-type Sand Making Equipment

Application Field Dry-type Sand Making Equipment
Equipment Model V7-100
Time-to-market September, 2015
Case Area Industry Park, Zhongfang County, Huaihua, Hunan Province
Highlights of the Equipment It produces high-quality machine-made sand with high efficiency and environmental protection and is environmental friendly.

Client Introduction

Huaihua Minda Construction Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Mingda Construction Material”) occupies an area of 45mu and locates in the industry park of Zhongfang County, Huaihua with the environment high-quality machine-made sand production line completed in 2015.

With the high-efficient and environmental-friendly industry as the development objective, Mingda Construction Material adopts the environmental-friendly complete V7 dry-type machine-made equipment of NFLG to produce the high-quality competitive machine-made sand. Due to the advantages such as the continuous grading, rounded particle shape and controllable powder content and the like, the machine-made sand quality surpasses that of the ordinary river sand and will drive the quality improvement of the sand used in the intra-industry construction, having a great significance in improving the domestic engineering quality, protecting ecological environment and leading quality benign development of the sand making market.

Market Background

At present, the local river sand in Huaihua is increasingly exhausted. From the angle of protecting natural resources, river course and river bed, the river sand can’t be exploited any more. In addition, the quality of the river sand is declining year by year due to the over exploitation. Some local low-end machine-made sand manufacturers use the simple equipment and rough production mode to product the low-quality machine-made sand, causing the occurrence of “low quality machine-made sand” in the market. However, as a matter of fact, the quality of the machine-made sand can satisfy the requirements of the high-quality construction just by adopting the advanced sand making process and equipment to produce the machine-made sand with the characteristics of continuous grading and rounded particle shape. The current sand making technology has enabled the high-quality machine-made sand reach the stable quality, satisfying the sand requirements of different construction engineering.

Huaihua Minda Construction Material Co., Ltd. invests and established the sand making production line with the highest standard and adopts the globally leading sand making technology, providing the high-quality machine-made sand for the market. Since the access to the market, its high-quality machine-made sand is a big surprise to the market and praised and welcomed by the clients. The value and benefits of the high-quality machine-made sand become more and more obvious and such sand is accepted by the market gradually.

Raw Material: Limestone tailings. Adopt the 0 - 13mm aggregate-chips tailings remained after the disposal of the local quarry, commonly known as “melon seed shaped slice” or “rice stone”, as the raw material and process it with NFLG V7-100 dry-type sand making equipment to produce the high-quality machine-made sand.

The aggregate chips with the particle size range as 0 – 13mm in the quarry were disposed as the backfilling materials or became the discarded unused solid waste originally. Stockpiling them randomly not only occupies the land but also has the hidden risk of destroying the ecological environment. At present, Mingda Construction Material adopts such 0 – 13mm aggregate-chips tailings as the raw materials to produce the high-quality machine-made sand, making the tailings have its new value and eliminating the damages of the tailings to the environment, which benefits the ecological environment protection and is environmental friendly genuinely. Besides, the high-quality machine-made sand can replace the river sand to protect the river sand resources with economical and social benefits, making the sand making enterprise become a sustainable environmental friendly industry.

Product Types

  1. The machine-made sand with the fineness modulus as 2.5-3.0 can be produced.
    Annual output: 300,000 tons

  2. Limestone powder with the size less than 0.075mm

    Stone powder sample

Collecting the stone powder generated during the sand making process and selling it externally can also obtain substantial earnings. Such powder can be applied in the commercial concrete mixing plant, thermal power station, cement plant, asphalt mixing plant, coating factory, feed mill, cement products, etc. At present, the stone powder of Mingda Construction Material is mainly sold to the cement factory, mixing plant and asphalt mixing plant. (In October 2014, the government issued Technical Specification for Application of Limestone Powder in Concrete, allowing applying the limestone powder in concrete, replacing other admixtures and saving the costs for the clients)


Complete NFLG V7-100 environmental-friendly dry-type sand making equipment

Equipment Description

The complete NFLG V7 dry-type sand making equipment operates stably and achieves the expectant ideal effects, which is reflected specifically in the following aspects: V7 makes the fineness modulus of the machine-made sand can be adjusted automatically; the powder content can be freely controlled according to the adaptive needs within 10%; the particle grading is continuous and the fineness modulus is quite stable; the sand particle shape of the finished product is good, as good as that of the river sand, and even has a greater advantage than the river sand.

The dust treatment effect of the equipment during the production is good with zero dust release and good environment and without the need of external sealing, achieving the environmental-friendly production.

The finished sand of Mingda Construction Material is mainly supplied to the mixing station, real estate construction site, high-speed rail and road construction, etc. at present. The client reflects that adopting the machine-made sand with such good quality to produce the cement and mortar (under the condition of basically same working performance) can reduce consumption of cement and the cementing materials such as the admixture and lower the production costs. In the meantime, the strength of the cement and mortar is improved to a certain extent.

Curve Chart of Accumulated Grading

When the grading curve surpasses Area 3 and inclines to the upper left, it represents that the sand is too fine and more cement mortar is needed during the concrete mixing and preparing, which makes easily the lowering of the concrete strength and increasing of the shrinkage; when the grading curve inclines to the lower right, it represents that the sand is too coarse and it is difficult to control the workability of the prepared concrete mixture and the internal friction increases, making the vibrated molding difficult. The sand of Area 2 grading has the moderate size and good grading and Area 2 is the most ideal grading area for making the concrete. The grading curve of Mingda Construction Material is limited within Area 2 and adopting the same cement to prepare the concrete will obtain a higher strength.

The high efficient and environmental friendly high-quality sand making equipment benefits from the unique four core technologies of NFLG: US7 crusher, air screener, highly-integrated intelligent electrical control system and sand powder separation technology.

  1. Vertical shaft impact crushing technology based on particle size control – US7 crusher
    Based on vertical shaft impact crusher, US7 crusher has unique design of high-density grinding area composed of throwing hammer and T-type ring washer, promoting the production of 0.15-0.6mm fine aggregates, guaranteeing the stable grading of finished products, and improving the crushing efficiency and effect of particle shape.

  2. Air Screening Technology
    Based on the vibratory screening and combined the air separation technology, the air screener improves significantly the screening efficiency, integrating the three function of particle size adjusting, grading and screening. (The fineness modulus can be adjusted with the stability degree up to ±0.1.)

  3. Sand Powder Separation Technology
    An interventional air screener of vibrating feeder is set right under the US7 vertical shaft impact crusher, and adopts a closed system. The internal air screener is in a negative pressure state to make working sequence integrated from crushing to grading, freely controlling the proportion of particles with 0.15mm below in finished sand within the range between 6% and 15%, and preventing the dust generation.
    The production line adopts the off-line ash-clearing pulse dust removal technology to remove the dust with small energy consumption and high efficiency. The dust discharging concentration is lower than 20mg/m3.

  4. Highly-integrated intelligent electrical control system, adjusting automatically the operation to make the finished sand keep stable.

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