Shanxi Yuncheng Xinxing Company - Application of NFLG Sand Making, Crushing and Screening Equipment

Application Field Dry-type Sand Making Equipment, Crusher, Crusher, Screen and Washing Equipment
Equipment Model V7-60/J-1160/J-1480/C-1540/ C-1550/683/883/ MVP550/ VSI2000/ TSH6203
Time-to-market 2012
Case Area Xia County, Yuncheng, Shanxi
Highlights of the Equipment Equipment Stabilization, Environmental Protection and Advanced Technology

Client Introduction

Xinxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. has a stone plant which is the largest sand and gravel production base in Yuncheng City equipped with the most advanced equipped with the most advanced "luxury” equipment in the world equipment in the world, forming a complete production system from stone crushing, shaping to sand making.


  1. 2 Sets of NFLG V7-60 Dry-type Sand Making Equipment;
  2. Terex NFLG J-1160 and J-1480 Crawler Mobile Jaw Crusher;
  3. C-1540 and C-1550 Crawler Mobile Cone Crusher;
  4. 683 and 883 Crawler Mobile Screen;
  5. MVP550 Cone Crusher;
  6. VSI2000 Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher;
  7. TSH6203 Horizontal Screen and Washing Equipment

Equipment Description

With the stabilization and environmental protection, various indicators of the finished sand from NFLG V7 equipment are perfect, and the sand grains produced by V7 has round shape, good grading and high solid volume percentage. V7 dry-type sand making equipment has significantly increased the sand with the size range of 0.6mm to 0.15mm, but for the general sand making equipment, it is difficult to produce the sand with this size range. The concrete pores can be filled with the sand with different grain diameter, which not only enhance the compressive strength and durability of the concrete, but also save cement, fly ash, admixtures and other cementing materials; what’s more, its fineness modulus can also be freely adjusted between 2.0 to 3.0.

In early 2013, V7 has been formally put into production, and successfully, the values created by V7 are far more than expectations. “At present, the products we produced have been sold out and supply falls short of demand, so our price is more than twice as expensive as the general factories. In fact, I have engaged in the sand-gravel aggregate so many years, so I can really feel the advantages of profit; I mean after selecting your equipment, I just feel the profits generated by V7 is quite large. The key to make this product is that how much we can save for clients and how many profits we can produce for them. The value generated for our enterprise by the equipment is quite considerable for our brand,” said by Chairman Jia.

Currently, the local natural sand is nearly exhausted in Xia County, Shanxi. The sand sources in the market mostly come from machine-made sand, but the quality is uneven. Because there are many sand making factories, the market competition is quite intense, but the differences from the general sand making factories are that the finished sands produced by the Xinxing stone plant have excellent grain shape, adjustable fineness modulus and continuous and stable grading. With the high quality, the finished sand is so popular in the local sand and gravel market, which firmly occupy a larger market shares and build high-quality and high-end brand image of sand and gravel. Relying on the technology advantages, the product quality can be improved and the added value of product can be increased. High-end market can be occupied by means of differentiation, and this development model is the pursuit and promotion by the Chairman Jia. Xinxing Company are putting it into practice step by step.

The performance of V7 in the dust removal and noise reduction is quite good. Previously, in stone plant, the dust exists everywhere, and the working environment is very poor, so to a great extent, it may result in some harm to the worker’s body for a long time, and the workers in the stone plant feel most about this. Chen Ke, the production clerk who works here for many years told us, “Since we start to use NFLG equipment, the working environment has greatly improved. The dust from V7 sand making machine will be collected in a centralized way, and the dust removal effect is good and there is no flying dust and no noise. People standing on the equipment can normally make and receive calls, like our usual communication.”

In addition to the client, a lot of experts who comes for a visit speak highly of V7 sand making equipment, “this V7 system is very good with advanced technology. For the development of concrete, the finished sands from V7 have good grading and the fineness modulus is also easy to control, adjustable and controllable. The overall performance of concrete, including durability, has been improved largely. Generally, the system is very well. Last year, we visited Shanxi once. This year, we visit it again and look at the overall situation, after one year of operation, the dust removal effect is still very good and the environmental protection performance is very well.”

By using the sophisticated equipment provided by NFLG, Xinxing Company considers the economic benefit, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction and the comprehensive utilization of mining resources in development, forming a virtuous circle of green development model.

NFLG Screening, Crushing and Sand Making Equipment

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