Fujian Honghui - Application of NFLG Asphalt Mixing Plant

Application Field Asphalt mixing plant
Equipment Model GLB3000/PLB3000
Time-to-market 2010
Case Area Fuzhou, Fujian
Highlights of the Equipment Green and Environmental Protection, Advanced Technology and Equipment Stabilization

Client Introduction

Honghui Asphalt Concrete Co., Ltd., under the Fujian Honghui Industrial Group, is a comprehensive construction company integrating municipal construction, real estate development and building construction, which is the leading enterprise in the construction industry in Fujian. Since 2010, Honghui have selected two sets of NFLG asphalt mixing plant, one NFLG GLB3000 asphalt mixing plant and one NFLG PLB3000 asphalt mixing plant. The produced AC series, AF series, SBS series and SMA series asphalt mixtures have been successively applied to the “Concrete to Asphalt” project of Wushan West Road and Fuxin East Road in Fuzhou and Funing Road and Jiaocheng North-south Road in Ningde, district road project in Xiamen North Railway Station, Phase I Section C of Xiamen BRT in Zhongzhou Road, Putian Yutian Bridge and connecting engineering, Ninghe Guangming Bridge and other engineering, and now, the construction area of asphalt pavement completed are 3 million square meters, with the cumulative production of more than 4 million tons.

Honghui Group Honghui Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Product Types

Produce AC series, AF series, SBS series and SMA series asphalt mixtures

Equipment Allocation

NFLG GLB3000 and PLB3000 Asphalt Mixing Plant

Equipment Allocation

At the beginning of purchasing the equipment, after NFLG consulted with Honghui, NFLG have fully planned the overall equipment site, proposed site planning recommendations and specific site requirements, considered the ability of the material yard and preparation, and put forward 30000-40000 square meters of storage quantity. Based on the local environmental conditions, the waste treatment generated in the production process, and the conditions of escape canal around the site, a detailed site planning and equipment layout plan have been presented according to the local conditions.

Asphalt mixing is the industry with large environmental pollution and energy consumption. Although its scope is limited to the construction site, but because of large production capacity and emission density, the environmental pollution it brings can not be ignored. Power fugitive dust of asphalt mixing plant, i.e. in the stone conveying, loading, mixing and overflow process, is generated by the dust particle suspension due to external force.

The cold aggregate bin of NFLG asphalt mixing plant uses the reduction in the relative height between cold aggregate bin and loader, so the lifting of stone by loader will be reduced, reducing the dust floating in the air. Fully enclosed belt structure may reduce the possibility of dust spillover when feeding and the impact of rain on the aggregate moisture. For the waste powder processor with stable running, the recycle powder treatment effect is obvious, ensuring no dust in the equipment site. The additional temporary bin in the equipment may ensure the overflow and overrun materials are not directly discharged and processed in a centralized way when bin is full, which can effectively prevent flying dust caused by continuous overflow. For the flue gas condensing unit for asphalt tank within heavy fuel tank, harmful substances in the fumes can be effectively condensed and restored for use, avoiding secondary pollution. Primary gravity plus secondary bag collector system and the building negative pressure dustproof design shall be used, so that the entire mixing station may have good tightness and good treatment effect in the environmental performance, and there is nearly no dust in the production process.

Fully Enclosed Belt Structure

Cold Aggregate Bin

Flue Gas Condensing Unit

Waste Powder Processor

Through the use for more than a year, with steady and reliable operation of equipment and green and eco-friendly production technology, the equipment has been trusted deeply by Honghui. During this period, due to the relevant factors, Honghui also purchased the asphalt mixing plant from other manufacturer. But in the actual production in recent years, the equipment is competed against the other equipment on the same site, and the performance of NFLG equipment is recognized by customers, whether equipment stability, fuel consumption rate, the consumption of wearing parts, environmental performance and other aspects.

Fully Enclosed Belt Structure

Cold Aggregate Bin

For NFLG GLB3000 batch type asphalt concrete mixing equipment, the fuel consumption per hour is about 1500KG. In case of the production of 200,000 tons of asphalt mixture, 1400 tons of standard fuel will be consumed, therefore, the optimization design of drying drum feeding blade structure, a full set of equipment negative pressure structure, effective fog control accuracy of drying burner and precision and intelligent fuel distribution technology of fuel capacity may provide a powerful heat exchange efficiency for the heat system of the complete set of asphalt mixing plant, which have a direct impact on the fuel consumption performance of the asphalt mixing plant.

Hot Aggregate Bin

Vibrating Screen


Weighing System

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