Fujian Ganglong – Application of NFLG Asphalt Mixing Plant

Application Field Asphalt Mixing Plant
Equipment Model LB3000, GLB3000
Time-to-market 2006, 2012
Case Area Putian, Fujian
Highlights of the Equipment The station is still working normally after ten years; the equipment is durable, reliable, with optimum energy utilization.


Fujian Putian Ganglong Road Pavement Engineering Co., Ltd. is the biggest asphalt concrete manufacturing & construction enterprise in Putian City, and the member unit of Asphalt Concrete Committee of Municipal Engineering Association of Ministry of Construction, which purchased two sets of asphalt mixing plant from South Highway Machinery for asphalt materials mixing – LB3000 type asphalt mixing plant in 2006 and the GLB3000 type asphalt mixing plant in 2012. The products covers over 80% of the Putian asphalt concrete market share with an annual output of 300,000 tons, which provide mass amount of asphalt mixtures for the flourishing development of municipal engineering and road construction of Putian.

LB3000 Type of Ganglong in Putian, Fujian.

Equipment Configuration

Application of NFLG BL3000 and GLB3000 asphalt mixing plant

Equipment Description

As the major coal consumer of national economy, the transportation industry consumes about 170 million tons of standard coal annually, covering 7%-8% of the whole society energy consumption. Asphalt mixing plant, as the key equipment in the transportation construction, especially in the highway pavement construction, is the major energy consumption equipment. Taking asphalt mixtures produced worldwide in 2007 as an example, 0.28% of the world crude oil output is adopted for the production of asphalt mixtures, which seems straightforward on the surface of the resource consumption.

Taking asphalt mixtures with an annual output of 300,000 million tons as an example:

  1. 10℃ temperature increase of smoke = 1.2% of fuel increase
  2. 1% increase of moisture in aggregate = 15% of fuel increase
  3. 1% increase of air leakage = 0.7% of fuel increase
  4. 10℃ temperature increase on surface of the drum = 0.2% of fuel increase
  5. 10kw of motor power increase = RMB 21 thousand Yuan increase of electricity fee
  6. Maintenance delay = RMB 150 thousand Yuan

The fuel/steam dual purposes combustor is led by NFLG and researched & developed by Sino-Europe, and is adopted with the professional simulation analysis of European thermal energy technology research institute in combination of European advanced technology, which inherits the concept of environment protection and low emission and the patent technology of best combustion model with the calorific value as the core. The excellent and stable performance obtains the vast appreciation from the client, which is the ideal corollary equipment of asphalt mixing plant.

  1. High efficiency combustion – large hood: The hood with large dimension can boost the combustion effect and reduce fuel consumption by forming high temperature pre-combustion chamber.
  2. Reasonable air distribution – flame plate: reasonable distribution proportion of primary air and secondary air to reach the best combustion effect, as well as the efficiency of fuel combustion.
  3. Best atomization – atomization tracing technology: gas amount of atomization varies along with the change of loading; the atomization amount varies along with the change of fuel amount; atomization accuracy is ±1.5 %.
  4. Stable fuel supply: special filter + oil return tank to reduce the fluctuation of fuel amount, and realize the large cycle of pipeline.
  5. Safety and Reliability – 100% compliance to EN and DIN standards: all imported parts (fuel gas valve group, electric control valve, etc.), to ensure the safety, stability, and durability of the whole pipeline system.
  6. Intelligent control, CMAC Intelligent patent technology, and remote repair: application of remote fault repair. The senior engineer of NFLG can remove the failure rapidly and accurately through remote monitoring from thousands of kilometers away.

Lu Yongfei, Director of Production Department, Fujian Putian Ganglong Road Pavement Engineering Co., Ltd.

To reach the best heat exchange efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption, combustor of NFLG asphalt mixing plant is equipped with GT series drum with whole set of equipment vacuum pressure structure with the advantages of high efficiency, reliability, energy saving and environmental friendly, etc.

  1. Reliability – Lean Production: excellent raw material. The blades adopt high temperature resisting, high wear resisting import materials. Driving motor adopts SEW reducer, etc., to ensure the service life of drum. Drum is commissioned and installed by laser measuring instrument in the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of drum.
  2. Energy saving – reasonable design: South Highway Machinery adopts particle flow simulating software, and optimizes the lifting blade structure of drum and the optimal staying duration of materials in the drum, to ensure the heating temperature of aggregate and control the relatively low exhaust gas temperature. The exhaust gas temperature shall be kept between 90°C-110°C. Normally, the exhaust gas temperature of asphalt station is between 110°C-130°C, 20°C higher than our one. Taking 10 hours production each day as an example, it will cost RMB 16.2x10x4.5=1458 additionally.
  3. Environment protection – strict sealing: adopt high quality thermal insulation rock wool for heat preservation and stainless steel facing on the external surface of drum body. The thermal insulation effect is excellent with only little heat loss. The dried aggregate may save 32 degree power each hour, and calculate according to 10 hours of mixing station each day, it can save 320 degree ×RMB 1 per degree =RMB 320 cost.

The drying drum was put into operation in 2006 and just changed in 2014. During the 9-year operation, it produced a total of 1.5 million tons. By the settlement at the end of a whole year, Ganglong found that the fuel consumption is about 6.5kg/ton with about 1500KG per hour (water contents of aggregate is 5%-6%).

High Efficiency Thermal Insulation Layer

Environment Protection – Strict Sealing

Friction Transmission of Reducer

Aggregate screening is the first life line of asphalt mixtures. NFLG adopts unique driving patent technology to reduce the maintenance of bearing and belts, etc. effectively to ensure the durable and efficient work of vibration screen with the advantages of compact structure, simple, low energy consumption, and over 95% high grading accuracy. The vibrating motor equipped for vibrating screen is a free-maintenance structure which does not need daily lubrication. The big opening doors on the front and rear is for an easy maitainence and change of screening net. There is a equipment on the feeding opening to separate the material flow, avoid crushing, and resist abrasion.

The mixing machine is the core part of the mixing station, and NFLG adopts the latest conceptual twin shaft mixing machine, which has a strong mixing capacity and ω cylinder structure without any mixing dead corner. It has the advantages of no leakage, short feeding duration, lower energy consumption, and high output efficiency. The mixer can reach 20kWh of electric energy saving per hour. Calcualting by 10 hours operation of mixing station, it can save a cost of 200 degree ×RMB 1 per degree =RMB 200. For the important parts such as mixing blade, and abrasion resistance lining board, etc., it adopts imported wear-resistant materials to enhance the durability of parts, the service life of which is 2-3 times of regular materials. Through multiple measures, it can reach the target of durability and easy maintenance with a high efficiency and a low cost.

Selecting high quality materials and manufacturing smartly can save the client’s money for the same task! From the past till now, from energy saving to durability, NFLG asphalt mixing plant brings the customers with higher economic benefit by virtue of its equipment performance such as high quality, high efficiency, low equipment failure rate and stable operation, etc.

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