Shanghai LuDun - Application of NFLG Asphalt Mixing Plant

Application Field Asphalt mixing plant/ Plant-mixed Hot Recycling Equipment
Equipment Model Hangzhou:PLB3000C+RLB2000C+PLQ3000;<br>Shanghai:PLB3000C+RLB2000C
Time-to-market 2011 (Foam asphalt unit increased in 2014)
Case Area Zhejiang-Hangzhou/Shanghai
Highlights of the Equipment Using the foam asphalt warm-mixing technology Saving energy and protecting environment, reaching the stable operation and high economic benefit

Client Introduction

Hangzhou LuDun has shot to frame and critically acclaimed in the asphalt materials field of the local municipal roads with the good faith in management and superhard product quality since its establishment and its business markets cover the regions in Zhejiang Province, such as Hangzhou, Yuhang, Haining and Tongxiang, etc. Since the formal operation in 2012, with the excellent services and reliable quality, Shanghai LuDun has in only a short time won the clients’ trust, rapidly opened the markets, firmly established in the districts in Shanghai, such as Pudong New Area, Jinshan, Fengxiang, Qingpu, Songjiang, Baoshan and Jiading, and has molded the enterprise brand in the critical projects such as the overhaul and reconstruction of Shanghai Pudong Airport Cargo Apron and reconstruction of 320 National Road. In nearly three years, it has won 546 orders of engineering projects with the total supplies of 650,000 tons and 100% contract compliance.

Shanghai “LuDun” has established perfect scientific research group and realized the successful developments of the foam asphalt warm mixing technology gathering numerous performances, such as effective reduction of fuel consumption, thermal energy saving, improvement of concrete life, reduction of greenhouse gas emission, perfection of production and construction operation environment from the performance analysis and formula of the raw materials to the improvement of the whole mechanical performance and a “ streamline” system of materials and products for roads. Such scientific research group has obtained good economic and environmental benefits as well as effectively promoted the technological contents of the company’s operations.

As the capable assistant for the development of LuDun Construction Company, Shanghai LuDun’s complete set of asphalt mixing plant and the warm mixing foam asphalt production plant shall be produced and supplied by NFLG. The excellent and stable production equipments have brought considerable economic benefits for LuDun’s developments in Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Equipment Configuration

Hangzhou: PLB3000C Asphalt Mixing Plant + RLB2000C Asphalt Hot Recycling Equipment + PLQ3000 Foam Asphalt Foaming Device

Shanghai: PLB3000C Asphalt Mixing Plant + RLB2000C Asphalt Hot Recycling Equipment

Equipment Description

Shanghai LuDun: NFLG Asphalt Mixing Plant

NFLG Asphalt Equipment: The right-hand man for the development of LuDun Construction Company

Vibrating Screen

The asphalt mixing is an industry with great environmental pollution and energy consumption. NFLG asphalt mixing plant adopts a primary gravity, plus secondary bag-type dust removing system and negative pressure of building for dust prevention with good treatment effect on the environmental protection; as a result, the whole mixing building has been well sealed without any dust basically.

Dust Catcher

The blue smoke generated in the heating process of the asphalt plant-mix hot recycling equipment shall be undertaken the secondary combustion through the native roller and discharged from the dust catcher to avoid the direct injection of the harmful gas into the atmosphere and recycling the exhaust gas heat. When the equipment is in running, no exhaust gas could be seen with good combustion efficiency.

The combustion efficiency of the burner researched and developed by NFLG is high. For the fuel oil consumption used for mixing one ton of materials, when LuDun uses the same oil and raw materials, the fuel oil consumption of the NFLG equipment is lower with a significant economic benefit for saving 0.5 kg oil per mixture of one ton of materials. After purchasing NFLG’s equipments, LuDun Company has continuously extended its volume of business in Shanghai and Hangzhou depending on its enormous supply capacity and reliable quality of asphalt mixture.

New Foam Asphalt Warm-mixing Technology

Nowadays, the foam asphalt warm-mixing technology has been highly praised in the domestic and overseas road fields as a kind of new-style production mode of the asphalt mixture for its characteristics such as no generation of chemical reaction, reduction of production cost, extension of construction duration and no degradation of the asphalt performance. Based on its high-end asphalt mixing technology platform, NFLG has gone deep into the foam asphalt warm-mixing technology and successfully developed the foam asphalt warm-mixing equipment in 2013.

NFLG Foam Asphalt Warm Mixing Equipment

The running conditions of NFLG foam asphalt equipment have been favorable since the completion of the installation up to now. Its foaming characteristics have avoided a certain difficulty caused by the poorer liquidity, quicker cooling of the hot recycling asphalt mixture. Meanwhile, the binding power of the foam asphalt is greater than that of the hot-recycled asphalt mixture which has not used the foam asphalt after the recycled foam asphalt mixture being compacted. And the colors of the recycled mixture mixed by foam produced from the two kinds of materials are more black and bright than those without the foam. Before and after using the foam asphalt warm-mixing technology, the time limit of the asphalt mixture from the delivery to the complete paving has been extended from three hours to eight, which has greatly extended the construction period on the premise of guaranteeing the quality of asphalt mixture and improved the coverage area of LuDun Company’s business.

Using the foam asphalt warm-mixing technology also can obtain relatively high environmental benefits – environmental protection and energy conservation. At present, the asphalt equipments around the country are faced with the same issue that the finished products from warm-mixing asphalt will produce blue smoke when the temperature reaches 160℃ to 170℃. Such blue smoke will emit in the air, thus polluting the ambient air and producing the great harm to the constructors’ bodies when the finished products are put into the car and paved on site during the delivery to its warehouse with trolley. However, the foam asphalt warm-mixing technology can perfectly resolve the environmental issue by lowering the temperature 10° to 30° to make no smoke producing from the finished products. The temperature reduction also can save fuel and then reduce the operating cost.

From the investment, only the foam asphalt warm-mixing equipment is required to be added on the original equipment, with less cost but substantial economic and social benefits. It is the unstoppable trend to popularize the foam asphalt warm-mixing equipments by the asphalt manufacturers in the future.

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