Beijing Jinglianxin – Application of NFLG Asphalt Mixing Plant and Asphalt Hot Recycling Equipment

Application Field main production of highway construction roadbed material and pavement material
Equipment Model Asphalt Mixing Plant and Asphalt Hot Recycling Equipment
Time-to-market Since 2003
Case Area bejjing,tianjin,tangshan
Highlights of the Equipment Old Material Recycling, Asphalt Hot Recycling

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Time is the most powerful witnesses of production quality. Thirteen-year cooperation, ten sets of asphalt mixing plants, thirteen-year intact components......they perfectly illustrate the technologies and details of NFLG products. As users saying, long-time cooperation is built on the basis of mutual benefits and win-win results. Owing to high quality, excellent services, satisfying the demands of users and building real values for users, the cooperation can sustain thirteen years and still continues in the future.


User Profile

Beijing Jinglianxin Road Material Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Jinglianxin”), a large enterprise whose main production of highway construction roadbed material and pavement material, are one of enterprises who supply largest asphalt mixture in Beijing and surrounding areas. Jinglianxin has invested and constructed many asphalt mixture production bases in Tongzhou District, Shunyi District and Changping District of Beijing and Sanhe city of Heibei Province, which include Tongzhou District Maju Bridge Asphalt Mixture Production Base, Shunyi District Beiwu Asphalt Mixture Production Base and Sanhe City Shizhuang Asphalt Mixture Production Base. They have purchased seven sets of asphalt mixing plants and three sets of asphalt hot recycling equipment from NFLG since 2003.

Main production of Jinglianxin is supplied to Beijing-Shenyang, Jingkai, Beijing-Chengde and other high-speed highway and state’s major highway construction projects of Beijing Four Ring, Five Ring and Six Ring, besides directly supplied to road engineering and municipal engineering, and now is expanded to Tianjin, Tangshan and other areas.

Equipment Configuration

  1. Heibei Sanhe - Shizhuang Asphalt Concrete Prodcution Base: LB3000 in 2005, LB3000 in 2007, RLB1750 asphalt hot recycling plant in 2014.
  2. Beijing Shunyi - Beiwu Asphalt Concrete Production Base: 2 sets of LB3000 in 2009, RLB1750 asphalt hot recycling plant in 2015.
  3. Beijing Tongzhou – Maju Bridge Asphalt Concrete Production Base: LB3000 in 2003, LB3000 in 2004, LB5000 in 2008, RLB2000 asphalt hot recycling plant in 2014.

Equipment Application

The corporation of Jinglianxin and NFLG originated from mutual confidence and highly acknowledgement with NFLG’s enterprise spirit about focusing on products and technologies. In 2003, Jinglianxin purchased NFLG LB3000 Asphalt mixing plant for the first time. The plant was put into operation officially in 2004 and produced millions ton of asphalt mixture during twelve years, now it can still perform production tasks normally in spite of being charged with high strength performance.

The second NFLG LB3000 asphalt mixing plant that Jinglianxin purchased in 2004 can be witnessed durability from a little vibration motor in vibration screen. This vibration motor was imported from Italy and was still employing till now during the period of eleven years due to regular equipment maintenance and itself durable performance. As vulnerable parts of mixing equipment, lining board, mixing blades and mixing arms in mixing crock whose rub fastness directly affect equipment usage and production period. According to statistics, lining board, blades and arms of mixer whose usage output can reach more than 3 hundred thousand tons, up to 4 hundred thousand tons after using ten years, which means those machines have high wear resistant degrees.

Jinglianxin undertook massive asphalt mixing supply projects in the regions of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei due to itself power and influence. Therefore, the continuous production ability of asphalt mixing plant is an obligatory option of choosing equipment supplier for Jinglianxin. Taking these two sets of LB3000 asphalt plant in Shuiyi Beiwu asphalt concrete as an example, the peak of production of these two equipment reached 7000 tons every day from Spring Festival till now. This type of equipment can produce 245 tons every hour and more than 20 hours every day in a continuous manner under the situation of producing bed material. High-strength production tasks and long-time operation illustrate that NFLG’s equipment stands the test of advanced production and receives recognition of Jinglianxin.

With the enhancement of environmental protection in the production process and strict control of atmospheric emission in the regions of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the environment issues in the asphalt mixture production have become the principal events of producing enterprises. Burners of all asphalt mixing plants in Jinglianxin adopt natural gases which can avoid gas pollution issues with burning oil just like ordinary factories. Besides, severe pollution, heavy burden on dust collection system and high replacing frequency of bag filter with burning oil outweigh the advantage of low production expense. Natural gas has advantages on environmental protection as clean energy which are never discharging harmful fume, prolonging the service life of bag filter and descending environmental costs. Considering burning costs, burning gas is more expensive 2 or 3 Yuan than burning oil as producing one ton asphalt mixture. But if you consider maintenance costs of bag filter, you will find out that burning gas is cheaper than oil and beneficial to atmospheric pollution control.

Old Material Recycling, Asphalt Hot Recycling

Asphalt pavement is the main surfacing way of pavements, so there are plenty of waste asphalt mixtures every year all around the country. Take Beijing as an example, RAP reaches 2000 thousand tons every year as it wastes resources and pollutes environment. With the development of recycling technology of waste asphalt mixtures, waste asphalt mixture recycling application is becoming mature and accepted by more and more people. Up till now, Beijing government has tax preferential policies on recycling waste asphalt mixture and they encourage recycling waste asphalt mixture.

As for asphalt mixture producing enterprises, only put into some equipment purchasing expenses and add hot recycling modules on former equipment, then they can recycle waste asphalt mixture and adjust add proportion of waste asphalt mixture according to the production demand. It not only saves enormous asphalt material costs but also gains tax preferential policies. Moreover, it consumes plenty of waste asphalt mixture, releases environmental pressure and reaps high payoffs for company.

Jinglianxin undertook a lot of projects which owners ask for using waste asphalt by themselves response to policies support and market stimulation. In some old road transformation cases, waste asphalt pavemill materials were even provided by owners. Add waste material milling from former pavements with native asphalt at the requirements of owners’ proportion, and then use them on the former pavements. Waste materials go to the place where they come from and it solves waste material on the spot. According to the feedback from site supervision of owners, adding recycling materials cannot degree mixture performances and sometimes oilstones are bigger than those native ones, so quality is out of question.

Customer Feedback

Li Yongkuan, vice-manager of Production from Jinglianxin:Low failure rate, high efficiency of production, imported parts and components, high quality and durable machines include power distribution system components, cylinder components, motor, mixer and roller, these are the reasons why our company has cooperated with NFLG for a long time and purchased a lot of equipment from NFLG.

Equipment Characteristics

NFLG LB Series Asphalt Mixing Plant::

  1. Drying System: The system uses simulation optimization design to ensure the best material curtain with the thermal efficiency reaching 90% for the unique online intelligent detection.

  2. Burning System: NGZB series gas burner is a self-developed product by NFLG, it has a significant high efficiency, the adoption of IoT technology makes the intelligent control possible: 1.the blower frequency control and the burner digital-set control combination make it very easy to adjust the air/gas ratio; automatic ignition and flame monitoring assure the stable performance of the burner; gas flow monitoring function will show both in time and accumulate gas consumption. All these setups promise the best air/gas ratio, which the key of stability and energy is saving.

  3. Dust Collection System: The system uses stepping rotary reverse blowing. The system provides intelligent control of ash removal frequency. The effective operation area of NOMEX filter bags reaches 98%. The system meets the European standards for emissions (< 20mg/Nm³).
  4. Screening System: The system is directly driven by a vibrator to reduce energy consumption without maintenance. The systems uses digital and dynamic simulation, with the warehouse mixing rate less than 5%. Mesh tension can be identified for easy operation.

  5. Metering System: The system uses the weighting mechanism with strong adaptive capability. The system uses the unique combined two-door coarse and fine scale patent for accurate metering. The axial flow asphalt balance uses the unique secondary tracking and metering patent to provide a stable and reliable asphalt-aggregate ratio.
  6. Mixing System: The system uses the simulated and optimized material mixing speed technology. The system ensures that materials in each mixer are homogeneously mixed to increase the mixing efficiency by 25% while reducing energy consumption by 20%. The system uses the original wear-resistant parts imported from Sweden which rank first in the world.

  7. Intelligent Control System: The double-computer synchronous production management control system developed by NFLG achieves no time for shutdown. The fault alarm patent for dry drums is safe and reliable. The unique real-time burner instantaneous flow and oil consumption display technology is used. Cloud data can be inquired, real-time and fast remote services for burner are provided.

NFLG RLB Series Asphalt Hot Recycling Equipment:NFLG designs hot recycling equipment targeted to domestic highway construction situations, upgrades the exist asphalt mixing plant, adds recycling modules, expands application situations, saves material costs and gains enormous benefits.

1、 The heating system using parallel-flow heating has the patented internal flexible blade transmission structure, which makes full use of thermal energy, thereby ensuring that asphalt on the reclaimed materials is excited and that the heated reclaimed materials are not stuck to the inner wall of the cylinder and the blade. In addition, strict exhaust temperature monitoring is used to prevent the asphalt on aggregate from burning and aging. The burner imported from Italy uses compressed air nebulization to produce special combustion flames. They apply to light and heavy oil and have a heavy oil preheating system. Drying and heating temperature control of the reclaimed materials: The imported infrared thermometer is used to keep the temperature within ±5°C.

2、 The hot reclaimed material weighting hopper uses the imported sensor to control weighting accuracy and make it meets, the national standards. The imported cylinders and electronic control valves are used for weighting and discharging. The transition hopper, weighting hopper and chute use heating insulation through heat transfer oil to ensure smooth handling of the reclaimed materials.

3、 A draught fan in special structure imported from Italy is used as the induced draft fan of the dust collection system to prevent cooking fumes from being stuck to the draught fan blades. To meet environmental protection requirements, blue smoke generated in the hot recycling drying drum is not discharged into air but entering the drying drum of the asphalt mixing equipment through funnels for secondary combustion to eliminate harmful waste gases, thereby benefiting the nation, residents, and ourselves.

4、 The control system of the asphalt mixing equipment uses non-button operation control to achieve full-automatic and manual operation. The system also uses the humanized control interface to display technological production processes and fault alarms in real time. The main electrical components are selected from the world-renowned brands. The standard PROFIBUS field bus technology is used to conveniently interface with asphalt mixing equipment of various models at home and abroad. The recycling control system can be integrated into the company's production control system or used as an independent control system to be compatible with other companies' control systems.

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