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Achievements in customer care equipment - the first in 2005 for after-sales service Miles South Road


On September 17, 2005, after-sale Service Team departure ceremony began. Sales and Marketing Director, Li Mingde chaired the ceremony, chairman Fang Qing Xi, General Manager Fang Kai gave great importance to the action, giving a heart-warming speech to the service groups. After the ceremony, three visiting phrases are made: north, east and south China, central China, southwest provinces. They called on 120 new and old users of NFLG on Asphalt Mixing Plant, concrete mixing equipment and stabilized course mixing plant.
Through the large-scale visiting, we knew about the real feedback from users of products and services of NFLG, and it provide great values for technological innovations ; at the same time it can grasp first-hand information of market and improve the quality of after-sales service to enhance the brand of NFLG.
This is the beginning of "strategic transformation", indicating that NFLG transfers from simple "labor-intensive" enterprise to technology-intensive on the core of innovation and outstanding service.
The team has visited more than 20 Asphalt Mixing plant & concrete mixing plant users in Anhui, Henan, Shandong, Zhejiang provinces, solving the long-term difficult problems, especially some core parts, such as burner properties inspection of asphalt mixing plant, spot training, adjustment and testing, upgrading of software and hardware on control system of drying roller.
Users are satisfied with the after-sale service team, saying that NFLG is of high responsibility with "od products and better services to emphasize the market and reputation". Enhancing maintenance can greatly improve the brand image and influence of NFLG.

November 11, 2005, the 28-day visiting to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai began. Chairman Fang Qing Xi, manufacturing Department Director Chen Liming photographed with them and saw them off. The team totally visited 43 concrete mixing plant users in the three provinces.
NFLG provides
free upgrade services for control procedures of defect in early concrete mixing plant, and increase air breathing apparatus and powder weighing bucket ventilation device, greatly improving the accuracy of the measurement and reducing the cost of production, creating od economic benefits. At the same time, collect the first-hand information for improvement and innovation.

November 20, 2005, the 40-day visiting to Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong and Guangxi began. Chairman Fang Qing Xi, manufacturing Department Director Chen Liming photographed with them and saw them off.

In the activities of the whole process, the team visited a total of more than 50 users of Asphalt Mixing equipment, concrete mixing equipment, and stabilized course mixing plant.

The main purpose of the visit: to give customers special training; all-round check on the new and old equipment to remove hidden dangers. Such as: maintenance training to the old equipment, electrical control system upgrade, how to develop the maximum efficiency of the equipment; strengthen face-to-face communication with customers to timely, effectively solute problems in the course of using of the new plant.

With powerful machinery, electric technical force, NFLG communicates with customers on all aspects from the products "designation idea" to the "use and maintenance ", The scene detection, judge and dealing with the problem guarantee the equipment operating performance, satisfying the customers.

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