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Care for equipment used achievements - the first in 2005 South Road-mixing equipment


    From January 1, 2006 to Feb 20, "2005 NFLG concrete mixing equipment" top 10 "Maintenance users choosing " activities will be held, and the selection results will be published on 11 magazines like "China Road" and "concrete" , "mechanical engineering and maintenance", "China Construction Machinery," "Highway Construction and Maintenance", "Construction Machinery today", "construction machinery," and "road construction machinery, and construction mechanization", "Construction Machinery Technology and Management," " Railway standard design "," Railway construction techniques, "and also on " Huicong Construction Machinery Network channels, "and" China Concrete Network.

The activities aimed at enhancing NFLG customers’ maintenance awareness and spoke highly of the entering the industry's most influential companies and individuals , setting up a brand image influence.
The agents recommended the users list and submitted Co. introduction, equipment photos and description. It will be developed by the stability, scientific nature, regulatory, advancement, and originality, etc. For the "top 10" users (enterprises), NFLG granted them stele and presented related maintenance staff with prizes.

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