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Establishment of post-doctoral research station in NFLG


 In order to cultivate, and attract high-level professional and technical personnel to speed up our professional and technical development, we set up the post-doctoral research station. On May 2006, Chinese Ministry of Personnel issued document (2006) 53 , and NFLG was approved with its R & D capability , which contribute a lot to the building of interdisciplinary, complex, strategic and innovative postdoctoral personnel.

     On the principle of “specialization, refined, well, and long," with high professional technology, NFLG has a leading position in the mixing field. Concrete mixing equipment, asphalt mixing equipment, dry mortar mixing equipment and stabilized course mixing equipment of NFLG are   first-class in China. In addition, NFLG is the only one domestically of concrete, asphalt, dry mortar and stabilized products, requesting R&D, manufacturing  team work, corporate culture and innovation.

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