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After-sale service



一、“Spring Action”

     Right after the New Year in 2006, the visiting Missiongroups make the trip with great expectations. They went to  Jiangxi, Hubei, Shanxi, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Anhui and other central, north, northwest provinces and cities, with two months time, totally15,000 kmlong. It is od for the company to promote the service.


     The action’s main target is to comprehensively understand the using situation of the equipment and advice and new requirements to summarize outstanding points to promote, and improve the bad parts, at the same time strengthen customer training to let them have the better understanding of equipment performance, proper operation of the equipment, as well as the advantages of the equipment to understand the importance of maintenance.


   The visit is very successful and the customers are very happy that NFLG can send such a strong team to help them deal with the difficult problems. Dealt with the problems of the equipment and do a comprehensive inspection to give a warning before the problem happens. The service team rushed to help the customers once problem happens, which left a od impression.


     Training is an important part of the after service. Many problems occur for customers’ ignorance of the equipment correct operation, whiProducts of modern, large-scale enterprise are manufactured from a stable “supply chain" with od credibility .Enterprisemanagement needs "foreign" Extension: not only manage themselves, but also the "supplier" and the quality of services control and assessment.

二、“Summer Action”

     At 8:00 on July 31 the whole, FANG Qing Xi saw off the service team. In the next month, they rushed toHebei,Beijing, Northeast China,Shanxi, and other six provinces. We are keen to give customers the best service at the first time.

     The main purpose of this action is to do the spot training about the newly installed concrete mixing equipment, focus on the maintenance and operation.

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