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HZS200 module concrete mixing plant of NFLG is rewarded the TOP 50 in the Chinese engineering machin


China Engineering Machinery Industry Association, Engineering Machinery And Maintenance, Engineering Machinery, and the HC360 Huicong Network channel, Construction Machinery held “2006 China Construction Machinery Products TOP50 ", and the ceremony was held on January 25, 2007 inBeijing. HZS200 module concrete mixing plant of NFLG won "Annual Construction Machinery TOP50".


HZS200 modular concrete mixing plant of NFLG with high-end technology, a wide range of market applicability, and fully compatible innovation gained wide support from the 3 groups: the media, user representatives, the engineering machinery industry associations and other experts. We deserved that. It is od news and a great development opportunity. With large construction machinery market and cruel competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises, products are the main part of competition. This was the annual Festival of China Construction Machinery and od for strengthening the market share of NFLG and have a positive effect on the high-end market,.


   Advanced technology, comprehensive services, improve equipment efficiency and lower energy-consumption, resulting in greater economy interests.


   Set a od brand image, and further promote independent products innovation.

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