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The biggest dry mortar production line in Guanzhou officially launched


        21 March 2009 year the biggest dry mortar production line was officially launched. This project was financed by Guanzhou YINGJIAN construction material technology development company with approximate 20,000,000 Yuan. It adopts the most advanced FBJ4500 dry mortar production equipment of NFLG, whose yearly output comprises of 400,000 tons.


Opening ceremony of Guanzhou YINGJIAN construction material technology development company.
        In the past years due to spread of restriction imposed on worksite production of mortar the market of dry mortar in Guangzhou has been relentlessly expanding. So far several equipments provided by NFLG have been put into exploitation in Guangzhou. Besides mentioned above Guangzhou YINGJIAN, NFLG also cooperated with Guangzhou BASF, Guangzhou Shijing and Guangzhou Xiantou Meixi in production of dry mortar. As enterprise specializing in design and manufacture of integrated whole dry mortar production equipment in China NFLG offers equipment of capacity varying from 5 to 80 tons and customer-tailored structure and besides provision of environment friendly dry mortar production equipment technological synchronic to that developed in Europe provides 360 degrees service beginning from market analysis, raw material choice and application of technology after putting equipment into exploitation and ending in charge free technological training, equipment maintenance and update. The cooperation between NFLG and Guangzhou YINGJIAN could make great contribution to cause of forbiddance of production of mortar in worksite promoted in Guangzhou.

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