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Series of products of NFLG passed CE certification


        Concrete mixer, asphalt mixing plant and concrete mixing plant have secured certification of renowned European CE. NFLG is the first company in its field to be decorated with such certification, which signals that NFLG technologically elevated to a new level and made a great stride in its expansion in international market.

        Since its establishment NFLG holds “Specialization and Perfection” as its philosophy and is deeply devoted to persistently and consistently deliver high quality and excellent performance of products. The qualification of CE provides NFLG another lden key on its way of pursuing international market share besides ISO 9001 quality certification. In view of characteristics of European market NFLD proactively takes measures to tackle technological trade barriers, increasing development and research input and focusing on environment friendly, safe and high quality and price ratio products, which earns nod of our customers from Europe and order from them has been increasing month by month.

        Certification of CE means that NFLG has preliminarily established quality management system suitable to international market, which could increase competitiveness of company in international arena and puts a solid ground for its long-term growth. Facing harsher requirements on operating standard, technological properties and so on we are dedicated as we have been showing to innovation, bearing in mind that quality is the life of enterprise and relentless improvement of our product line is essential to our future.




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