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NFLG’s nw product: Dual utility mixer for wet mixed sand mortar and concrete


NFLG's nw product: Dual utility mixer for wet mixed sand mortar and concrete--one investment, double return 

NFLG represents its latest technology breakthrough---Dual utility mixer for wet mixed sand mortar and concrete to market. It’s a pioneer product and awarded with several national patents. It’s capable to shift between wet sand mortar production and concrete production, which allows it to meet commercial concrete production requirement as well as that of producing high quality sand for brick, floor and wall. Shortly one investment, double return!
It advantages lies in following aspects:
1. Small investment, huge return, it could be installed in existing workshop, maximizing utility of existing equipment.
2. It requires not additional transport device, just uses existing transport trucks.
3. It adopts double spiral mixers, which ensures efficient and effective production, more homogeneous mixture and short time span of mixing.
4. Its mixing speed is controlled via frequency converter, so that it could meet production requirement of sand mortar and concrete in terms of mixing speed and thus ensures product quality.
5. The computer operation system is fitted with double production modes for sand mortar and concrete, which makes data management more convenient.
6. Precise additive dosage system, whose tolerance is measured in gram could meet wet sand mortar’s stringent requirement in terms of additive; Additive scale is fitted with several sections, which are especially suitable for sand mortar, whose ingredient usually consists lots of sort of raw material.
7. Unique wet sand specialized vibrating screen, which is distinguished with high precision, big capacity, little vibration, long service life and low frequency of cleaning, ensuring grade and quality requirement.
8. Sand silo and stone silo are located separated in scientific arrangement, which prevents material contamination.

It’s widely known that NFLG is one of pioneers of dry mortar machinery in China and earns wide appraisal by experts for its experience and technology edge. Now, it invites you to enter new era of sand mortar via its successful development of the Dual utility mixer for wet mixed sand mortar and concrete.

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