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Bauma 2016, NFLG shows the world what is Chinese style!


On April 15, 2016, as the world’s leading trading fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment, Bauma trading fair is well under way.  In this significant trading fair, nearly all the world’s major brands of construction machine appear on the stage, just like a show full of famous stars.  Those companies that can present themselves in this trading fair, all without exception, bring the advanced technology and equipment in their industries, and represent the brand power in their countries.

As China’s leading company for construction mixing machinery, NFLG, with the help of the internationalization platform, show the global users the environmentally friendly, efficient, intelligent, systematical construction mixing machinery, as well as the complete equipment for processing virgin and recycled aggregate.


In recent years, NFLG has put forward the oversea marketing strategy of “Superior technology, perfect service, high level oriented, global expansion”, and deepened the development strategies of oversea markets under the further promotion of China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategy. NFLG devotes to its specialized products and has broken into 70 foreign countries, meanwhile gradually present the world users with the bright side of striving for excellent from made-in China product. NFLG takes the European market as the important oversea strategic area when developing his global markets, and also counts it as the market where NFLG after-sales service team can sustainably develop and deepen their work. The Bauma exhibition provided an excellent opportunity for NFLG to enhance its brand awareness in the European market and become a window for NFLG to show China manufacturing technological innovation.

In order to meet the application demands of the European market, NFLG always penetrates the concept of low carbon environmental protection to the whole design of such products as concrete, asphalt, dry mortar batching plant, as well as the processing equipment for virgin and recycled aggregate. The design of the new type environmentally friendly asphalt batching plant which adopts the warm mixing technology of foam bitumen  and matches the hot asphalt recycling plant has fully considered the flue gas treatment and energy efficiency, for NFLG makes every effort to achieve the environmentally friendly production of asphalt technically; NFLG overall updates the environmentally friendly solution for concrete batching plant by means of adopting scientifically arranged dust collection and noise reduction system, efficient and intelligent concrete reclaiming system, and effectively solves the environmental problems for the dust, noise and waste of concrete mixing plant; NFLG provides the flexible design for dry mortar production line to meet the requirements of different users. NFLG turns waste into treasure by providing the recycling equipment for the regeneration construction waste. NFLG also develops the cleaning device for virgin sand and stone aggregate, efficient sand shaping and making machine and so on. NFLG meets the various and sustainable development needs of the customers by providing the environmentally friendly, efficient, intelligent, systematical construction mixing machinery, as well as the complete equipment for processing virgin and recycled aggregate.

During the exhibition, NFLG’s technical concept of low carbon environmental protection and its professional equipment attract a large number of old and new overseas customers. Among them, many Russia and European customers have already knew something about NFLG and the products before, this exhibition gives them a chance to visit NFLG booth and get detailed consultation. In addition, with in-depth development of the integration of NFLG online and offline marketing and services system, more and more overseas customers know and inquiry NFLG products through the Internet platform, They even visit NFLG booths at this exhibition, discuss with technical engineers, and get the customized solution.

Bauma2016, live event:





NFLG exhibits:




NFLG products application case in oversea market


NFLG Asphalt mixing plant in Italy


NFLG Dry mortar mixing plant in Ukraine


NFLG Asphalt mixing plant in Moscow of Russia


NFLG Asphalt mixing plant in Krasnoyarsk of Russia


NFLG Skip type concrete mixing plant in Russia


NFG wet concrete recycling system in Volga River of Russia


NFLG dry mortar mixing plant in Iran( under installation)


NFLG Asphalt mixing plant in Kosovo


NFLG Stabilized soil mixing plant in Australia


NFLG Skip type concrete mixing plant in Egypt


NFLG Container type concrete mixing plant in Tanzania


NFLG Asphalt mixing plant in Saudi Arabia

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