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6 cubic mixer of concrete batching plant exported to Australia finished delivery


On August 20, NFLG just finished delivering the 6 cubic mixer of concrete batching plant to Australia. This is the biggest mixer that NFLG exports to overseas markets. And also, this is the China’s biggest mixer of concrete batching plant exported overseas.

Boral Group, who imports the 6 cubic mixer of concrete batching plant from NFLG, is a multinational company dealing in building and construction materials and has a diverse area of operations within the building industry, including asphalt, road line marking, concrete, plasterboard, timber, windows, quarry, landfill, transport, roof tiles, bricks and pavers.


Before the time of shipment, B sent the principal to go through the inspection of product. He inspected some key points such as slump meter, automatic cleaning system and mixer intelligent monitoring, and he was very satisfied with NFLG’s designs and techniques.


There is no doubt that it is such a big progress NFLG makes in the overseas market. This cooperation with Boral Group can show the advanced techniques and high-quality products of NFLG which can meet the requirements of Australian standard even European standard. It also shows the power and techniques of NFLG, presents high levels of Chinese manufacture industry.


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