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New products for launch in Bauma Shanghai(Ⅱ)



1)YLLB100 mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant


Highlights:The YLLB100 mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant is our patented new product, which is famous for its high integration, less space requirement, fast installation and easy-transfer.

YLLB100 matched with warm mixing technology could reduce the output temperature and emission effectively, compared with batch type mixing plant, the continuous type has several advantages: firstly, the investment, operation and maintenance cost are obviously decreased, also the energy consumption. Secondly, the dryer with recycling ring coups with batch mixer, it can increase the adding portion of rap;thirdly, the precise dynamic balance metering system for aggregates, filler, and bitumen could promise the precise bitumen aggregate ratio.


Customer site in Xian

2)DGS2024 Multi-driving probability screen


Highlights:Normally, the rap can only be recycled after crushed and sieved. However, sieving is a serious problem with the traditional screens due to the rap viscosity, the sieving size is limited to 13mm, it can hardly handle 5mm material, in order to solve this problem, we made great effort to design and manufacture the DGS2024 multi-driving probability screen, it adopts the most advanced high frequency technology in the world, overcoming the moisture, viscosity issues which affect the sieving efficiency.

It is designed in superimposition structure, the deck number could be adjusted according to the demand. Test results have proven its over 90% sieving efficiency. The working frequency at different driving points can also be adjusted through the Frequency Converter. Dust is avoided by sealing screen box.


Application in Luan

3)NZGB3000 gas burner


Highlights:Our gas burner adopts the stratified combustion technique to maximize the thermal value, we also use the world famous brand meter to keep the best burning ratio, the emission of Nitrogen and Carbon could be minimized.


Application in Changzhou

Booth preparation diary:

Day 3, the main structure of asphalt mixing plant and that of dry mortar mixing plant have been in position.





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