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Online Bauma topic showing of NFLG is coming! Zero distance between online showing and offline showing, easily enjoy showing of Bauma Shanghai



To make vast audiences know showing of Bauma Shanghai and NFLG’s traveling to Bauma Shanghai at anytime and anywhere , more closely , more conveniently, official website and public platform of weixin of NFLG especially supply highway to enjoy “showing of Bauma Shanghai”, just log on official website of NFLG or enter public platform of weixin(:NFLGZG) of NFLG and you can enjoy current showing situation of Bauma Shanghai without leaving house.

How to enter online exhibition of Bauma Shanghai ?

Step 1: Log on http://www.nflgchina.com

Step 2: Click “2016 Bauma China” on home page, enter main page and find message about  Bauma exhibition which you want to know.


1. Electric map of Bauma Shanghai, three-dimensionally showing every real equipment on the booth from NFLG, more directly enjoying the distribution of NFLG platform.



2. Detail introduction of exhibition equipment From NFLG

The dimensions of packaging bags vary with different specifications of products to be packed. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the pallet height at the time of product changeover. Currently, packaging machines are basically designed with manual adjustment. It is time-consuming and needs great efforts in addition to potential safety hazard. This automatic packaging system may avoid such issues and risks. The pallet height may be directly adjusted as needed according to formulas.


3. Current news during the exhibition


4. Demonstrating situation of showing equipment and comments from customer on site.


5. Forecast message about activity


6. Interact forecast message .If you want to win mysterious gift from NFLG, looking here is ok


7. Review all previous NFLG’s showing of Bauma


How enter online showing of Bauma Shanghai  from WeChat Client.

WeChat subscription number of NFLG(NFLGZG),open 2016 topic showing of Bauma Shanghai, easily find all news about Bauma showing here, let’s enjoy it

Step 1: Concern WeChat subscription number of NFLG(NFLGZG)


Step 2:Click “news”in menu


Step 3: Choose “2016 showing of Bauma Shanghai”, enter home page choose news which interesting you


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