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NFLG won orders of 12 sets of equipment at the first day of Bauma Exhibition 2016


22th Nov, the first day of Bauma China 2016, it was very bustling at NFLG booth. First day 12 sets of equipment were ordered by many customers and this is the best sales record ever among each exhibition.

NingXia Highway & Bridge Corporation ordered 4 sets of HZS120 concrete batching plant


Signing ceremony of NingXia Highway & Bridge Corporation and NFLG for 4 sets of HZS120 concrete batching plant. “NingXia Highway & Bridge Corp. has cooperated with NFLG for almost 25 years, the products of NFLG means trustable, reliable for us. And this is why we keep choosing NFLG.” Mr. Shaochun Zhang of NingXia Highway & Bridge said on the ceremony.

NFLG.” Mr. Shaochun Zhang of NingXia Highway & Bridge said on the ceremony. General manager of NFLG Mr. Kai Fang also said that NingXia Highway & Bridge witnesses the step by step development of NFLG. The plants that bought 20 years ago are still servicing well. As the diamond customer of NFLG, it’s the basement of trust and benefit each other of both part that leads to long term cooperation. We hereby very thank you for the strong supports.

Russia customer sign the contract of LB1500 asphalt mixing plant


At the exhibition booth of NFLG, a lot of overseas customers also very interested in all kinds of products. ООО Орьтехцентр is very satisfy with the quality of NFLG asphalt mixing plant that they decided to sign the contract at the exhibition for one set of LB1500 asphalt mixing plant. “We have compared NFLG with other equipment and got the conclusion that NFLG is top-notch not matter from the quality, after sales service or public praise from other customers. So we choose NFLG and looking forward to have long-term cooperation” said Mr. Vladimir, general manager of ООО Орьтехцентр from Russia.

Shenzhen Tiandi signed one set of crushing & shaping equipment and two sets of sand making plants


Shenzhen Tiandi signed one set of crushing & shaping equipment as well as two sets of sand making plant at the same time. Shenzhen Tiandi is a company that dedicate to the development of construction waste recycling and reasonable development. And NFLG has the world leading technologies for solid waste recycling and application experiences. In this September, NFLG had signed the strategy cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Tiandi for recycling of construction waste. This movement is a double-side pushing for the industry of construction waste recycling. And it’s the first firm step for both part cooperation. We will have more deeper, more wider cooperate in the construction waste industries in the near future, joint together each company’s characteristics and resource for the healthy development of China construction waste cycling as well as strategy progress of eco-city that China has been realizing nowadays.

Zunyi Zhonglei signed two sets of HZS270 concrete batching plant


Zunyi Zhonglei signed two sets of HZS270 concrete batching plant. At the signing ceremony, Mr. Yun Yuan, general manager of Zuiyi Zhonglei said that:” Among the many companies, we finally choose NFLG because of its high quality of products that worth our trust”. Zunyi Zhonglei is a famous concrete supplying company in Guizhou Province. This is the first time cooperation for Zuiyi Zhonglei, they hope that NFLG products can create higher benefit for them and build up a long-term cooperation relasionship.

Anhui Zhonghao signed two sets of HZS270 concrete batching plant


In addition, Anhui Zhonghao also decided to sign two sets of HZS270 commercial concrete batching plant with NFLG at the exhibition. Chairman of Anhui Zhonghao, Mr. Li said that he had already ask a lot of personnel in this industries and they all recommend NFLG. And he also found that NFLG batching plant very human oriented, reliable and wins high market praise after serious checking with NFLG. That’s why they have decided to order from NFLG.

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