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Sustainable Development, for Environment Friendliness Equipment User---Lhasa Urban Development and Investment Co.Ltd


2016 Shanghai Bauma showing is going well, during showing time , all our customers attend to support NFLG. China concrete reporter interview a special customer of NFLG ---vice president Luo of Lhasa Urban Development And Investment Co. Ltd, as the first company to use completely environmental friendly equipment, he shares his feelings of using NFLG completely environmental friendly equipment.


Local government provided money to build the Lhasa Urban Development And Investment Co. Ltd 10 years ago, as the main local company, it take mission and responsibility to protect clean water and green mountain. Talking about Tibet ecological protection , vice president Luo talked “because Tibet ecology is very week ,difficult to recover once it’s destroyed, from this concept ,investment scale and money are not the important aspect , ecological protection is the most important. During investigating process, we notice that NFLG completely environmental friendly equipment are the best to meet Tibet developing concept.


China concrete reporter interview vice president Luo of Lhasa Urban Development And Investment Co. Ltd

Special treatment for special task .Tight time schedule ≠laxation

Lhasa Urban Development And Investment Co. Ltd choose roof of the world Tibet to built station .Landform, landscape, climate are special. In the process of installation and adjustment, because of rainy climate, tight time schedule and leaders expectation ,Lhasa Urban Development And Investment Co. Ltd workers constant discuss with NFLG workers, working day and night. High altitude not only has special requirements for equipment ,but also for engineers body, vice president Luo say that “in such tough situation, we saw NFLG workers bear sick body and carefully finish every step of installation ,we are touched by their professionalism ”


Considering plateau-climate may have effects on equipment working, NFLG do some special technical adjustment on main parts of these 3 equipments including power, belt, additive weighing system. vice president Luo say that “ there are lots of difficulties ,but we didn’t loose and well finish the task. In August ,3 equipments begin working ,leaders visit equipments many times and are pleased with company performance, efforts of workers are paid.


Clean water and green mountain are better than profits.

To meet government deadline of protecting environment, Lhasa Urban Development And Investment Co. Ltd  use open tender to buy environmental friendly concrete mixing plant. Finally, NFLG succeed ,when asked why choose NFLG, vice president Luo say that considering weak ecology of Tibet, we inspect lots of companys and finally choose NFLG equipments not only because it’s good technology service but also for it’s concept meet development of Tibet, after using NFLG equipment , we realize that NFLG products are the one we really need.


During the past several months of using NFLG equipments, vice president Luo share his feelings with us, he said that” Lhasa sewers construction and infrastructure are not good ,the biggest highlight is processing of polluted water, because it has no polluted water and completely environmental friendly.


Lhasa Urban Development And Investment Co. Ltd buy 3 NFLG completely environmental friendly equipments , whose scale and effect of environment protection are rare in China. Finally , vice president Luo said “ as state-owned enterprise, we have responsibility and duty to protect Tibet environment, a good cooperation with NFLG. He also said that commercial concrete are 70% --80% in Lhasa there are big developing space in the future. About buying of asphalt mixing plant and dry mortar mixing plant, we will give priority to NFLG and do further cooperation with NFLG to protect Tibet clean water and blue sky.

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